A home for Sunflower

Once upon a time in Seedlings…

Our butterfly garden was full of monarch caterpillars chomping away at the milkweed. Samantha stood in the middle. Overwhelmed by the sight of literally 100 caterpillars she reached her arms to the sky and shouted, “We’re rich in caterpillars!”

Sunflower is rich in many things, but none of these things can buy us a home of our own. Please support the future of Sunflower and Seedlings by donating today! All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you!

Painted bridge

Our new home will enable us to:

  • Create an alternative play- and nature-based learning environment for young children, brimming with opportunities for discovery and wonder
  • Create the first nature playground at a learning center in Southeast Florida
  • Create a separate, dedicated infant and toddler nature play area
  • Offer a drop-off option for families enrolled in our Seedlings early childhood program
  • Promote child-directed learning through Play, Nature and the Arts by offering Continuing Education Units and observational opportunities for teachers and student teachers

Sunflower’s future depends on you.

Help us turn this vision into reality. Please contact us to learn how you can make a donation to Sunflower’s Capital Campaign. Your gift will help us purchase the property at 227 N Dixie Blvd. in Delray Beach, and create a permanent home for families, learning and childhood in South Florida.

Susan and littles