Seedlings in Full Bloom

A UCF nursing graduate, an artist, a computer technician, a chef, a Lumens Scholar, a Cadet Lieutenant Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, an Eagle Scout…. What is the common thread? Perhaps you’ve guessed? Yes! They were all, once upon a time, our little Seedlings, here at Sunflower!

It’s easy to glow with pride when you work at Sunflower. In recent weeks my Facebook newsfeed and email inbox have been bursting with the truly remarkable achievements and diverse interests and passions of our Seedlings alums. Our earliest Seedlings are not just attending college, some are already graduates! I know this seems impossible to Susan, our founder–who somehow never seems to age–but nevertheless it’s true. I’m excited to share their stories with you in this series — Our Seedlings in Full Bloom! -Jennifer Ligeti, Board President

Read about the lives of just a few of our amazing Seedling alumni  Sophie Backer,  Maxx Berkowitz,  Christina Zarrilli and Adam Gardener on the Sunflower Blog.

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It is in playing, and only in playing, that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.

D.W. Winnicott

Pediatrician and Child Psychologist