A home for learning

At Sunflower learning for all ages takes place within the context of Community, through hands-on experiences in Play, Nature and the Arts. Our programs form a basis, not only for children’s future academic success, but also for their growth into whole, healthy human beings.

The Sunflower Model is a developmentally based philosophy of social, emotional and intellectual learning that involves parents as facilitators in their child’s educational experience. The pillars of the model are Respect for the Individual, Learning Through Experience and Learning Within Community. Our goal is to develop children and adults who are reflective thinkers, respectful communicators, confident innovators, creative problem-solvers, empathetic peacemakers, passionate players and lifelong learners.

The freedom of play allowed me to engage my creativity in a plethora of outlets. Today I appreciate and utilize my creative mind not only in the arts, but also in the scholarly world. Growing up in the realm of Seedlings gave me the courage to dream big and express my imagination because I discovered my innate talents all on my own.

Cleo Dan

Age 22, Seedlings alum

a Home for Childhood

Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.

John Dewey

Author and Educator