Childhood isn’t the same as when we were growing up.

It’s been rapidly changing in the last five to ten years even. The changes are affecting children, and especially very young children, in negative and often alarming ways. The short list includes:

  • Highly structured days with little time for play
  • Dramatic increases in screen time for children of all ages
  • Increasingly sedentary lifestyles for children with accompanying poor health
  • Disconnection from nature
  • Rigid academics forced upon younger and younger children, including preschoolers, in spite of strong evidence supporting experiential, play-based learning

What’s happening to the children?

  • Increasing stress and anxiety
  • Declines in creativity scores and the loss of curiosity
  • Increases in obesity, type 2 diabetes, and vitamin D deficiency
  • Dramatic rises in the number of kids expelled from preschool for aggressive or extreme behavior – especially boys
  • Millions of young children subjected to schooling that demands too much too soon. This is true for low income students as well. We are not reducing the learning gap with stricter academics for younger children; research shows we are intensifying the problems.

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions about the Campaign:

Why Sunflower?
Sunflower has a strong history (since 1992) of supporting play-based learning, nature exploration and arts expression for children while teaching communication skills to all ages, including parents. Research shows that these kinds of rich experiences are exactly what today’s children need to combat current harmful trends.

How you can help
Your tax-deductible donation will help Sunflower buy a home of our own, and ensure a safe future for our valuable programs. Make a donation online HERE, mail a check to Sunflower Creative Arts, 227 N Dixie Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33444, or call 561 501-6615 to set up a personal one-on-one meeting.

Our children’s futures depend on access to special places like Sunflower Creative Arts. We hope you will join us, support our Capital Campaign, and help us protect the most important parts of childhood.


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Our children may be the first generation at risk of having a shorter lifespan than their parents. Sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity have contributed greatly to the numerous health problems plaguing today’s children National Environmental Education Foundation

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The more we want our children to be (1) lifelong learners, genuinely excited about words and numbers and ideas, (2) avoid sticking with what’s easy and safe, and (3) become sophisticated thinkers, the more we should do everything possible to help them forget about grades.

Alfie Kohn